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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Income Tax Return (Form 114)?

Income Tax Return or Form 114 is a statement of Total Income reduced by the withholding taxes, allowed donations and/or deductible allowances, which is summited to the Federal Board of Revenue by a Taxable Individual, Company, and/or Association of Persons for each Tax Year.

What is a Wealth Statement (Form 116)?

Wealth Statement or Form 116 is a reconciliation of your Income and the Wealth that you hold. Your Wealth Statement includes your personal expenses and assets.

Who has to file income tax return?

  • every company.
  • every person (other than a company) whose taxable income for the year exceeds the maximum amount that is not chargeable to tax.
  • non-profit organization.
  • owns immovable property with a land area of five hundred square yards or more or owns any flat located in areas falling within the municipal limits; or areas in a Cantonment; or the Islamabad Capital Territory.
  • owns immoveable property with a land area of five hundred square yards or more located in a rating area.
  • owns a flat having covered area of two thousand square feet or more located in a rating area.
  • owns a motor vehicle having engine capacity above 1000 CC.
  • Has obtained National Tax Number.
  • Holder of commercial or industrial connection of electricity where the amount of annual bill exceeds rupees five hundred thousand.

What are the Advantages of filing Income Tax Return?

  • Becoming a Filer reduces Withholding Tax on transactions upto 50%
  • Claim Refund of Tax Paid on Properties and Vehicles
  • Operate Foreign Currency Account

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